Aureli Construction is dedicated to providing you with your ideal home, and to further that goal, this section will provide regularly updated articles, tips and useful information to assist you with your home remodeling and improvement ambitions. Not only does this section provide you with innovative ideas to help you get more out of your property, it will also assist you in getting the best value for your money, by offering objective product reviews for the most important tools of the trade.

Ice dams: the Dangers and Remedies


We had enough Elsa!!!

Tiles, Tiles and More Tiles

Picking Tile That Best Suits You.

Replacement Windows


Beauty and energy efficiency in one!

Discovering The Newest Fad: Vinyl Wood Planks


You will be surprised at the look you can achieve.

Preparing for Your Home Improvement


Tips on how to prepare for your home improvements.

Kitchen Remodeling


Tips on creating your brand new kitchen, the right way.

Green Board vs Durock


The product battle of the century: Who will win?

False Fire Alarms


Steps on how to avoid annoying fire alarms that go off without reason

Blue Board vs Joint Compound


Another big rivalry here.  One is used all over the country, the other not so much.  Do you know which is better?

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