Aureli construction is a full service general contractor and construction company providing you with labor and materials to complete any of your home needs.  Aureli Construction also works with the home owner to provide them with any specialty items that are required for the project.  Please view a list of services below that can be provided in whole or separately.



Design Build

 Kitchen Remodel

 Bathroom Remodel

Attics (converting space into extra sqft.)

Basement waterproofing

Basement Remodel





Flooring (hardwood, tile, linoleum and rug.)

Masonry (stonewalls, patios and hardscapes)



There are a number of alterations that you can make to your home to improve your standard of living, elaborate on your design scheme, or simply provide yourself with a little extra space. Along with the services mentioned above such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, Aureli construction can help with most home-based tasks, from adding an extra room, to remodeling a bedroom, or installing plastering or tile. With the right construction services, you can potentially save yourself money by increasing your energy efficiency ratings and boosting the re-sale value of your property.


A lot of people dream about turning that un-used spare room into a functional office space, re-creating their bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style, or simply making adjustments to their basement so that it can be used as more than just a storage space for unwanted objects. With Aureli Construction, you can truly make the most out of your house.